ECQA Certified Innovation Manager
Innovation Manager Training
The exploitation of ideas and their correct use in the commercial area leads to innovations, which are an essential requirement for a successful business strategy. The correct use of knowledge and ideas are major challenges for management. Many ideas are inaccurately valued, data is often insufficiently coordinated and therefore, many possible innovations are not recognized nor brought into the market. This is where the innovation manager takes over. From the handling of information and the coordination of the business field‘s activities, up to innovation, are the innovation manager‘s most important tasks. This is the task of the innovation manager. Do you want to learn concepts to empower innovative forces in your organisation and how to systemically plan and further innovation? Do you want to learn what type of project management is required so that innovation is accepted and supported? The training for innovation management delivers such best practices for creating an environment of innovation and to create a learning organisation. This includes topics such as managing learning environments, creating close links with customers and learning from customers, team motivation, knowledge management and market research strategies and core competence analysis. After the course you can attend a test and become an ECQA Certified Innovation Manager.
Although it is possible to directly do the test for the innovation manager it is highly recommended to attend the training course because special know how to build learning organisations is required.
Target Group
Company Managers Learning organisations adapt themselves continuously to the market needs and thus run more efficiently than traditional companies.
Innovation Managers The course offers a step by step method to establish a learning organisation architecture for your organisation.
Technology Transfer Managers The course illustrates which roles new technologies and infrastructure play in creating learning organisations.
Quality Managers The course illustrates which role quality assurance and the tracking of innovation metrics play in creating learning organisations.
Project Managers The course illustrates how project managers empower innovation and help innovation to be exploited.
Division Managers In the course the participants elaborate a learning organisation concept for their firm which division managers can forward to implementation plans.
Training plan
SummaryThe training will be based on assignments, active elaborations by the course participants, and discussions. All course participants will create a learning organisation concept for their firm (= outcome of the course). Specifically the following exercises will be emphasised:
Analysis of core competencies and learning spirals / cycles
Analysis of distributed learning teams
Definition of innovation processes, which are adapted to learning organisations
Analysis of cultural differences and their impact on the innovation processes
Analysis of the required technology infrastructure
Design of a convincing concept presentation to the top management
The Training Comprises 6 Units The Certified Innovation Manager certification requires knowledge in six fields:
Understanding Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Skills Management, Customer Relationships, Networking, Market Research
Communication Skills, Literacy in E-Skills Reporting Skills
Team Working, Team Communication, Conflict Management, Distributed Team Management, Motivation Building, Cross Cultural Factors
Management Skills, Corporate Innovation Management, Innovation Factors in Project Management, Process Management
Personal Characteristics, Personal Characteristics, Learning Culture, Cross Culture Learning Factors
Case Studies
European Qualification Framework The certification and the training system comply with guidelines for European Qualification Framework, aimed to assure that trainings offered all over Europe are comparable in relation to content and outcomes.
Accreditation of exam organizations, training organizations and trainers assure that the same level of service quality is assured all over Europe.
The ISQI/ECQA certified Innovation Manager is one of the eighteen job roles, for which the certification and training schema is running all over Europe. The ECQA is a non-profit association and provides an examination and certification system, meanwhile other authorised bodies provide training services.
Certification as Proof of Knowledge After the course attendees can attend the ECQA certified innovation manager exam, to examine whether the nethods and practices taught inm the course have been understood. The exam is managed by an ECQA online test system. When successfully passing the test the attendees receive an ECQA® Certified Innovation Manager-Certificate.
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