SPI Manager
Learn how to really implement Software Process Improvement where an assessment is only a starting point for a beneficial improvement journey.
While there is a wide-spread knowledge about the performance of assessments the real implementation of SPI (Software, System and Service Improvement) takes great effort and a lot of experience to achieve a ROI (Return on Investment). Assessor qualification is currently central. However, to ensure the success of improvement actions another additional qualification is necessary: The ECQA Certified (SPI) Software, System and Service Improvement Manager. This training and the received certificate qualify you - with strategies, methods and best practices - to successfully implement SPI in your organization.
The materials and methods are based on the values and principles promoted by the SPI Manifesto, which was created by a group of international experts at the EuroSPI 2009 conference in Alcalá, Spain.
This Software System Service Process Improvement Manager education focuses on how to implement successfully improvements in organisations and how to outline success criteria to be considered like that improvement isn´t just an assessment but represents a long-lasting beneficial initiative.
Training Program
The training is based on best practice presentations and discussions mixed with practical exercises for the course participants. In practical exercises the participants learn how to adapt best practices for PI implementation in their organization.
Certified SPI managers exchange and learn about best practices in the following knowledge areas:
Unit 1: PI Involvement and Commitment Issues
• PI Team-working Skills
• Multicultural PI Teams
• Organizational Culture Influencing PI
• Modern Group Motivation Techniques for PI
Unit 2: Improvement Models
• Process and Life Cycle Models
• Process Improvement Models
• Process Design & Process Description Models
Unit 3: Managing Process Improvement
• Supporting Top Manager for Organizational Change Management
• PI Drivers Analysis
• Alignment of PI Goals to Business Goals
• Process Measurement, Data Collection and Analysis
• PI Leadership
Unit 4: Implementation
• Planning Improvement
• Deployment of PI
• Reporting SPI & Awareness Creation
• Experience and Good Practice Sharing